Off Roading at Night: Here’s What to Expect

If you’re planning to take your truck or Jeep off road at night, it’s important to be prepared. The right gear, including adequate led truck lights, the right tires and wheels, and emergency supplies will help keep you safe and ready to enjoy the ride. Here’s what to expect and how to be ready for anything on your next off road adventure after dark.

Pack the Right Tools for the Ride

Drivers heading off road should always be prepared with emergency supplies and tools to get you going again in the event of a slide-off or getting caught in a ditch. Those tools are even more important during night rides, when you’re unlikely to see anyone else for several hours.

emergency supplies and toolsIn addition to having the right jeep wheels to navigate the terrain, drivers should carry a spare tire and spare gas, a high-powered flashlight, a jack, two straps, road flares and a small tool kit. Also consider packing some additional work lighting to illuminate any needed repairs. Bring along emergency supplies, including a first aid kit, extra food and water, a space blanket and a way to keep warm.

Know Your Route in Advance

It’s always important to plan out your path and ride with a buddy, so you won’t get caught alone with no one to contact for help. When you’re driving in the dark, it’s vital to research your route in advance and let someone know exactly where you’re planning to go. Advance planning can help you navigate obstacles, so nothing sneaks up on you in the dark to cause problems.

off road routeMake sure you have the right tires and wheels on your ride for the type of paths you’ll be covering, and that you have the ideal amount of air in your tires for the terrain. Be sure to supplement your vehicle’s GPS and navigation system with hard-copy, topographical maps of the area.

Light It Up

To offer an obvious point, it’ll be dark out there when you’re off roading at night. Make sure your vehicle is outfitted with high-powered, LED headlamps to light up the way. You’ll need the maximum amount of light available to illuminate the path and any upcoming obstacles.

off road lightsConsider mounting lights in multiple locations on your ride, including the roof rack and bumper. Add rock lights underneath the vehicle to help you spot potential snags that could get you stuck.

Stay in Touch

In addition to letting someone know exactly where you’ll be going, the best way to stay safe on a night ride is to go with other people. Set up a CB radio and pack long-range walkie talkies to ensure you’ll be able to communicate with your group. Don’t rely on cell towers when you’re off roading, as you’re likely to be out of range for a strong signal.

off road CB radioOff roading at night can be a great way to enjoy the wilderness in a new way while you avoid the heat of midday. Stay safe by taking it slow, gearing up with the right tires and wheels for the terrain and bringing plenty of extra light. Shop for off road supplies from a trusted, knowledgeable vendor.

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