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 by Jimmie on Lionhart LH-002
Location (Sity, State): Beaufort, S.C
Vehicle: 2013 Buick Regal gs

I purchased a set of LionHart tires in May for my 2013 Buick Regal gs, and I am very unhappy with these tires. The internal noise is very loud and annoying, and my tires won’t balance out because of a warp in the tires. LionHart don’t offer a warranty so I’m stuck with some tires that came damaged from the factory.

 by Sandra J on N'FERA
Location (Sity, State): Austin, TX
Vehicle: Cadillac Escalade

I picked up a set of N’Fera RU5 tires for my Escalade, and they are cool! I selected them because I liked the brand, plus I liked the price. Good tires, no road noise, and they are comfortable to drive with.

Location (Sity, State): Fresno, CA
Vehicle: Cadillac Escallade

Black aftermarket lugs look cool on white matte wheels.

Location (Sity, State): Rosemead, CA
Vehicle: 2002 Toyota ES 3

I like my aftermarket lug nuts, yet I want to point out, that they are NOT tuner lug nuts. Well, some people call them tuner lugs, yet from technical side they are not right. Tuner lugs are something I'd never put on the vehicle that I plan on driving lol. Like the text says, they are not safe enough. Yet, aftermarket lugs are cool, just need to pick the right size.

Location (Sity, State): Beltsville, MD
Vehicle: 2015 BMW ALPINA B6 Gran Coupe

I totally love these lug nuts on my new BBK wheels. They look sharp and feature excellent tread!

 by Jeff on Tire Care Products
Location (Sity, State): GA
Vehicle: 2014 Camry

Just wanted to step in and say, that wheel care products by Mothers are something that I use on all my vehicles. I've got their brushes, wheel and tire cleaner, and I've been using them for years. Also they have got good water repellents.

 by Mike on Wheel Spacers
Location (Sity, State): NY
Vehicle: 2009 Ram 2500

I haven't got any experience with the washer-type spacers, as I do not feel they are something you can safely use on the truck. However, bolt-on spacers work great and I've got no problem with them.

 by Dan on Lug Nuts
Location (Sity, State): TX
Vehicle: Ford F-250

I've got chrome-plated lug nuts off Amazon, and they are on my truck for a year or so. No rust, no corrosion, they look nice.

 by Louis on TPMS Sensors
Location (Sity, State): Bridgeville, PA
Vehicle: 2010 Chevy Tahoe LS

I ordered TPMS by Oro-Tek to control my tires condition. They work better than i expected on my 2010 Chevy Tahoe.

 by Kevin on R17 Tire
Location (Sity, State): RI

I've always been a fan of Toyo tires, yet now I feel there are more important things I can invest into, rather than wheels. I'm already used to Capitol tires and they are pretty cool imo. The main benefits - a. they last. b. they don't break the bank.

 by Max J on R14 Tire
Location (Sity, State): SC

I am pretty much happy with my stock wheel diameter, which is R14. I'm afraid if I go bigger, my Mazda will drive stiffer. I like Cooper and Hankook wheels, like I do not really feel the price they are asking is worth it. Capitol tires are okay and way less expensive.

 by Garry M on R14 Tire
Location (Sity, State): KY

My Corolla used to have R13 wheels, yet they look too small and I feel every single bump on the road. decided to go with something wider, picked a set of stamped R14 steel wheels and the least expensive Capitol tires. I am pretty much happy with what I've got.

 by Kevin F on R16 Tire
Location (Sity, State): Washington, DC

Seems like all vehicles I had R16 wheels on, boith regular sedans and SUVs. I like Toyo tires, yet sometimes pick Michelin when they are on sale. Michelins are better, yet cost more.

 by Steven Ford on R16LT Tire
Location (Sity, State): SC

My pickup runs pretty well on Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tires. I don't go off-roading every day, yet I use these tires on regular basis. I cannot say anything about capitol tires though, as I dunno what kind of off-road tires they have got.

 by Matthew Henrick on R16LT Tire
Location (Sity, State): CT

I have never used LT tires on my SUV until this spring. Now I've got 2 sets, regular R16 and R16 LTs for special occasions when we'll go outdoors. My R16LTs are Goodyear, and as for now, cannot say anything bad about them...

 by Sam on R16 Tire
Location (Sity, State): NY

I've got R16 wheels on my 3-Series (seems like it has always had these tires). And I do not want to experiment and look for the bigger rims and bigger tires. My understanding is, that if a vehicle came from the factory on certain wheels, it's better not to experiment, as the suspension works sporty enough even on the 16 wheels. Though many people get lower profile, and that looks cool, yet I'm not sure it performs that cool.

 by Felix J on R15 Tire
Location (Sity, State): Austin, TX

I use 235/75R15 Hankook tires on my Durango, and I do not plan switching to the bigger rims even if I could. The R15s do not drive feel too bumpy. Yet many people switch stock F15s to R16, and that's cool if they have good roads where they live

 by Larry Jeffers on R15 Tire
Location (Sity, State): Atlanta, GA

On all vehicles I've had lately. I use Goodyear tires, and in my humble opinion, they are cool for the money you pay. Now I've got radial Jeep tires on my CJ (G15), and I'm pretty happy with the way they perform.

 by Charles Davis on R14 Tire
Location (Sity, State): GA

I've got 14 tires from the factory on my Fiesta and first I thought to switch to custom alloy wheels and lower profile tires. Yet having read about all those problems that I may have with ABS I decided to keep my 175/65R14 wheels as they are. I tried Capitol tires and they are a good option for this money. Not as cool as Hankooks or Goodyear, but not as expensive as well. That's why 5 stars, considering the price.

 by Jerry on R17 Tire
Location (Sity, State): Washington DC

I am pretty happy about Capitol tires I've got. Nothing special, I haven't noticed better handling or something. Yet I like the price, that's why I've got them.

 by William K on R17 Tire
Location (Sity, State): Oklahoma

I recommend everyone to pick R17s if you've got R16s from stock. You will feel better cornering right away! Well, at least if you like that way of drive.

 by Daren M. Robinson on Lionhart LH-002
Location (Sity, State): Nashville, TN 37210

Lionhart LH-002 reviewsI have Lionhart LH-002 on the 2007 Charger. I like them and plan on buying another set. Got 50.000+ miles over three years on these so far but they need replacement. I imagine they would have lasted a bit longer if I had rotated them more frequently.

 by Albert M. Vallejo on Lionhart LH-002
Location (Sity, State): Pittsburgh, PA

lionhart tires reviewsI put the Lionhart tires on my Mustang, and they are ok so far. Beautiful tires for a nice price!

 by Erik on Capitol ROADIAN AT
Location (Sity, State): Ada, OK

Capitol Roadian AT Tires Reviews-3I bought a new set of capitol tires for my 3/4 ton truck in the spring of 2016. I had one of the tires "split" according to the tire shop this past weekend with only 7,500 miles of wear and still great tread. It was still holding air and I was able to drive to tire shop but is going to have to be replaced. Would not purchase these tires again.

 by Edward N. Maynard on Capitol Sport UHP
Location (Sity, State): New Britain, CT

Capitol Sport UHP Tires Reviews-2Do you still hesitate to order Sport UHP tires? Well, I felt the same way before giving them a try, but now I know that they are good tires sold at quite affordable prices! The product I ordered looks outstanding and has a great profile, so I don’t regret placing my order. These tires ride smooth, are quiet (which is an important concern for many drivers), hold well, and have an excellent performance. When I let my car down, jack corners dug into them around one inch, but they don’t puncture, so I think I will keep using them!

 by Richard A. Waters on Capitol Eco 007
Location (Sity, State): San Clemente, CA

Capitol Eco 007 tires Reviews-2Capitol Eco 007 are excellent tires, that operate great in any weather conditions. Among the advantages of the tires I can point out an excellent off-road driving performance, no matter what weather conditions are; great controllability at turns; confident drive in the ice and snow on the road; good speed control; good value of price and performance. Capitol Eco 007 are very good tires. Among other alternatives they have the most optimal combination of price and quality. I have been using them for 2 years already and I have no complaints.

 by Francesco C. Lockwood on Capitol Eco 003
Location (Sity, State): Springfield, MA

Capitol Eco 003 Tires Reviews-2It took me a very long time to choose which tires to buy. I have read many reviews and eventually found a not expensive and excellent choice of tires – Capitol Eco 003! When I bought the tires I couldn’t believe they were such good tires, including the fact that they were produced by the manufacturer that recommended itself as a budget firm. I am very happy with the purchase! The tires are good on the road both during the snowy weather and when asphalt is wet and frozen. The main advantages of the tires are an excellent grip, and the fact that the rubber is soft and not noisy.

 by Daniel E. Grey on Capitol SPORT A2000
Location (Sity, State): Crossville, TN

Capitol SPORT A2000 Tires Reviews-2Still looking for quality, reliable, and affordable all-season tires? Well, I know how you feel because I was in your place not so long time ago! I’m an off-road driver, and this means that I have to drive in rainy, snowy, wet, and other weather conditions in addition to uneven road surfaces. I found a solution to my problems, and my answer is SPORT A2000 tires! I even forgot what hydroplaning is, thanks to this product, so it’s my definite surprise for now, and I recommend it to other similar drivers.

 by Johnny M. Hively on Capitol Roadian HT
Location (Sity, State): Los Angeles, CA

Capitol Roadian HT Tires Reviews-2I got nearly 35000 miles of different roads with these amazing tires and never got disappointed. They handle great when it's raining and snowing and make the ride better everywhere. The price is quite available, especially considering the high quality. The tire matches all the standards and can be successfully used in all kinds of weather conditions and always takes whatever direction it has to take. I had many trips, lots of them were in winter with much snow but I was driving with comfort every time. Great purchase.

 by Douglas E. Gallaway on Capitol ROADIAN AT
Location (Sity, State): Los Angeles, CA

Capitol Roadian AT Tires Reviews-2
Hello! I’m Jim, a random driver who wants to share his experience with ROADIAN AT tires to help other consumers. Well, I work as a landscaper, and this means that I have to drive in different weather and road conditions, so finding suitable tires was a problem for me, until I found this brand! I have tried them on everything, including dry hot, muddy, and snow conditions. They are excellent! I’m planning to buy the second set when this one will wear down, but it won’t happen in the near future!

 by Logan R. Allen on Capitol Eco 007
Location (Sity, State): Hanover, MD 21076

Capitol Eco 007 tires Reviews

I have recently bought Capitol Eco 007 tires. I came to the store and said that I wanted some good tires that are not expensive, but very resistant for the fast driving. The consultant suggested I tried Capitol Eco 007. I am very happy with the purchase. In heavy rain the tires keep the vehicle stable, even during sharp turns. The wear during the season is minimal, although with my driving style I thought I would make a powder from them, but they survived and still keep a great shape. The price and high quality of the tires make them a great choice for your car.

 by George J. Escalante on Capitol Roadian HP High Speed
Location (Sity, State): Broken Bow, OK 74828

Capitol Roadian HP Tires Reviews-2

Both the price and the quality of the tires are just amasing, which happens so rare. I was looking for so long for something that could give me absolute comfort and safety while driving and finally, I made my choice. And it appeared to be the right one. I have put more than 10,000 miles on these tires and and they made my each trip just perfect. Now I believe that it is quite possible to find great tires satisfying all your demands and not to pay huge amunts of money, since Capitol RoadianHP are a great illustration of this.

 by Crystal D. Lewis on Capitol Eco 003
Location (Sity, State): Baltimore, MD 21202

Capitol Eco 003 Tires ReviewsI have been using Capitol Eco 003 for quite a while already. The cost of tires is very affordable. They give good performance all-round. The tires provide a fully secure and comfortable driving, no matter what the conditions on the road are. Besides, the price of tires makes them even more attractive. I can say with confidence that in this price range Capitol Eco 003 tires are quite worthy competitors to any other types of rubber. The most important advantage for me is the correlation of price and quality.

 by Winfred D. Porter on Capitol CP321 Tires
Location (Sity, State): El Paso, TX 79905

Capitol-CP321 Tires Reviews-2Recently I’ve changed tires on my SUV with CP321 model again. The tires are acting great at turns and don’t make any sounds at a high speed. I am very satisfied with the tires. It is a very hard rubber. Last season, I used the same tires and they managed to go through 60,000 kilometers. Once again, I am convinced these are great tires. Capitol is always on top. It proves to be the brand leader among budget tire manufacturers. I have been buying tires from Capitol for several years already. They are stable and proven quality.

 by Esteban R. Barrett on Capitol A-ONE Summer Tires
Location (Sity, State): Fresno, CA 93721

A-ONE Summer Tires Reviews

I think that A-One summer tires are the best option for medium and business class cars. It is great for usage in a big city, as well as somewhere at the countryside with awful roads. I got more than 50000 miles with these tires and I never had any complaints or disappointments. I'm a very demanding driver, comfort is always on the top of importance for me, so I'm really surprised that I finally found tires that meet all.

 by John M. Herring on Capitol Sport UHP
Location (Sity, State): Austin, TX 78704

Capitol Sport UHP Tires Reviews

Hello everyone! I’m Mike Soloman and I’m happy to share my customer experience after buying and using Sport UHP tires. I must admit that they have great appearance and ride, perhaps, because they are produced with the same quality as many other brand tires. Their performance is perfect, regardless of their low price, and they are very quiet. I would only advise drivers to take things just a bit slower in the snow, but my rear-wheel car can handle it anyway. When driving it, I feel just like it’s on rails!

 by Paul T. James on Capitol ROADIAN AT
Location (Sity, State): San Diego, CA 92123

Capitol Roadian AT Tires Reviews

I was quite skeptical about buying ROADIAN AT tires before my first order because of their low price. Luckily, I was wrong! Now, I can call myself an overly-satisfied driver! I had some brand tires in the past, but these ones outperform when it comes to snowy conditions. I think that they can handle anything, and that’s why I will order them in the future. They allow me to corner with confidence, but I know that I still need to be more careful with ice. Finally, there are many sizes to choose from.

 by Joshua C. Bennett on Capitol SPORT A2000
Location (Sity, State): West Liberty, OH 43357

Capitol SPORT A2000 Tires Reviews

Hello, my name is Steve and I’m here to share my personal experience with SPORT A2000 tires. As many other consumers, I was quite hesitant to try this brand for a few reasons, and the main one was their quite affordable price. I don’t regret my choice because now I have everything that a driver can dream about at a fraction of a price. The best thing is like about these all-season tires is their rim protector that defends against occasional curb damages. I can call myself their happy fan!

 by Carson C. Jackson on Capitol Roadian HT
Location (Sity, State): West Palm Beach, FL 33410

Capitol Roadian HT Tires Reviews

I was in a hurry when choosing tires for my pickup. I took a look at the Capitol RoadianHT tires and considered them to be good enough for my vehicle, although I was not sure yet. When I started exploiting them, I found out that they handled just great and there was no noise. It rained thousand miles through lots of roads, including country roads with bad surface and proved to be of an excellent quality highway and safety roads tires. A great combination of price and quality for such a demanding driver like me.

 by Ryan J. Williams on Capitol Roadian HP High Speed
Location (Sity, State): Sylvania, OH 43560

Capitol Roadian HP Tires Reviews

After long time of looking for high-speed tires that could match my demands I decided to choose the Capitol RoadianHP tires and purchased them for my Mitsubishi Outlander. After more than a year and a half of exploitation on all kinds of roads I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of my new tires. Once you start using them, you can already feel the positive change. They can handle any weather, any road surface and make the driving feel so comfortable and quiet. I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

 by Jonathan W. Bearden on Capitol CP321 Tires
Location (Sity, State): San Diego, CA 92111

Capitol-CP321 Tires Reviews

I am very satisfied with Capitol CP321 tires, as they are pretty affordable and made of a high-quality rubber. The tires have secure sides that help to deal with curb damage. Also, the tires are good for heavy loads. Hard shoulder ribs provide controllability and even wear. These tires are much quieter on the roads in comparison to other kinds. It makes me feel that I am driving on rails. I will definitely purchase these tires again and I recommend them for everybody who likes to drive smoothly.

 by Randy T. Walker on Capitol A-ONE Summer Tires
Location (Sity, State): Cambridge, MA 02138

Capitol A-ONE Summer Tires Reviews

I had positive experience using A-One. Although choosing tires is not really my biggest strength, I was recommended to try these and I am totally satisfied. The price is absolutely affordable while the quality is just awesome at the same time. I love how easy it is to drive with these great tires, the handling is perfect even under awful weather circumstances. I had lots of trips in different places with all kinds of roads surfaces and everywhere I went it was a pleasure driving with A-One.


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