Alabama Window Tint Law

Are you looking for information about Alabama automobile tint laws? This guide will give you the key facts you need to know to have legal tint as well as in-depth coverage of Alabama tint laws.

Attention: we always advise you to turn to your local authorities last, in order to ensure that the information you have reflects the laws enforced in your specific area!

Alabama window tint law

Alabama window tint law

Alabama window tint law — key facts

  1. Year law enacted: 1996
  2. Tint length on front windshield: 6 inches below AS-1 line
  3. Front side window VLT: 32%
  4. Back side window VLT: 32%
  5. Back windshield VLT: 32%
  6. Front side window reflectivity: 20%
  7. Back side window reflectivity: 20%
  8. Restricted colors: none
  9. Medical exemption: yes
  10. Tolerance: 3%

What the Law Says

Alabama window tinting law can be found in Title 32, chapter 5c,  sections 1-7 (ALA §32-5c-1 through §32-5c-7) of the Alabama code. Section two provides, in relevant part:

Prohibited conditions

…a person shall not operate a motor vehicle registered in this state under either of the following conditions:

  1. With material or glazing applied or affixed to the front windshield which reduces light transmission through the front windshield.

  2. With material or glazing applied or affixed to the rear windshield or the side or door windows which reduce light transmission through the rear windshield or side windows to less than 32 percent or increase light reflectance to more than 20 percent, with a measurement tolerance of at least 3 percent…

What This Means

This section of the code means that it is illegal to have any window tinting on the front windshield, and that any tinting on other windows must not reduce the transmission of light by more than 32% or increase light reflection by more than 20%. The measurement tolerance of at least 3% means that if your tinting is over or under the requirements by 3% or less, you will not be ticketed. So for example, if your window tinting on your rear windshield reduces light transmission through the window by 34%, since that is only 2% more than the law allows, you are okay.

percentage of window tint

percentage of window tint

Exceptions to the Window Tinting Law

Section three of the relevant code provides some basic exceptions to the law, saying that it does not apply to:

  1. Adjustable sun visors which are mounted forward of the side windows and are not attached to the glass.

  2. Signs, stickers, or other matter which is displayed in a seven-inch square in the lower corner of the front or rear windshield.

  3. Direction, destination, or termination signs upon a passenger common carrier motor vehicle if the signs do not interfere with the driver’s clear view of approaching traffic.

  4. Any transparent item which is not red or amber in color which is placed on the uppermost six inches of the windshield.

  5. Any federal, state, or local sticker or certificate which is required by law to be placed on any windshield or window.

  6. Any other vehicle, the windows or windshields of which have been tinted or darkened before factory delivery or permitted by federal law or regulation.

  7. Any motor vehicle not registered in this state.

Section 4 of the code exempts those with a medical condition that requires them to be shielded from the sun so long as they have applied to the department of transportation for an exemption and have been approved. Those with medical conditions requiring window tinting may apply for an exemption for their own vehicle or any vehicle in which they are a frequent passenger. In order to be approved for the exemption an application must include a written statement from an Alabama licensed physician which says that the applicant may not be exposed to sunlight and must have tinted windows in their vehicle.

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Section 7 of the window tinting law provides that a person found guilty of a violation of the code may be fined up to $100 and/or be imprisoned for up to 10 days for a first conviction. With each subsequent conviction, the fine and amount of jail time goes up; topping out at $500 and three months in jail.

Sources: Code of Alabama. §32-5c-1 through §32-5c-7

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