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Capitol Tires have got excellent reputation proven by many customer reviews. Many our customers call our tires excellent combination of quality and price. We make our tires for the most popular and widespread wheel sizes, which makes our product a great solution for those, who are seeking for reliable tires at fair price. Capitol Tires are manufactured along with the other well-known tire brand, Nexen.

Capitol Tires are made by Itochu International and Nexen Tire Corporation. The latter one is a well-established and reputable Korean company that has been making tires since 1942. This brand is known not only for its excellent quality, but also for delivering the best performance at a price that is easy to afford. Capital Tires is a subdivision of Nexen. The tires are made based on the same technology and using the same equipment, yet feature different brand name and different product range. Capitol Tires are designed for convenient everyday drive. They are made for smooth ride without being too soft or too sporty. The tech-advanced construction help you experience improved handling and better contact with the road surface, which means better grip and stability. Capitol Tires offer a 50.000-mile warranty on all tires, and tire assortment has got R14, R15, R16 and R17 tires for different vehicle applications. Capitol Tires is an ultimate traction solution for truck, SUV, and car owners


Depending on the model, Capitio Tires are available in all-season, summer and winter versions, so you can select the tire pattern and material based on your own needs and expectations. Performance of Capitol Tires is ensured by their abrasion-resistance and tough construction, along with precisely developed tread design. As a result, the vehicle gets adequate steering response, confident cornering, quiet ride and improved traction at quite affordable prices.

Whether you need a high performance, good highway, grand touring, all-terrain, SUV, all-season, or other tires, you are welcome to consider the Capitol Tires. This brand offers a full line of premium quality products for passenger cars, light trucks, and other vehicles. Keep reading Capitol Tire reviews and check out the online catalog to get detailed information on the products.

Quality Control & Road Tests

To ensure safety and quality of the tires, Nexen has a series of tests that the tires have to successfully pass. Only then they come into series production. This concerns all Capitol Tires series, regardless of the tire size and application. Nexen employs the latest technologies and precise measuring equipment to ensure quality and safety of the tires they produce.

Wet and dry handling test★ Tire stability, Grip, Performance.
Ice and snow handling test★ Handling in the snow, Handling in the ice.
Ride test★ Ride comfort, Stability
NVH test★ Noise over different surfaces, Vibration over different surfaces, Different tire pattern performance.
Wet and dry braking test★ Wet grip test; Brake performance, Tire pattern grip.
Hydroplaning test★ Drainage performance, Tire stability
Sudden air loss test★ Vehicle safety in case of air loss, Vehicle stability, Traction control in case of air loss.
Rollover test★ Possibility of rollover when cornering, Overall traction control.
Wet grip test★ Tire performance on wet road, Traction control on wet road, Tire pattern performance.
Noise test★ Noise measurement.


Capitol Sport Tires

This category is about a high-performance, entry-level, radical tire that can offer all-season driving capabilities. Its 4-channel treat pattern lets eliminate water fast, thus making it an exceptional wet-surface product. These steel-belted and all-season tires come with their 50.000-mile tread-wear and 1-year road hazard protection warranties for all sizes given by the manufacturer. Capitol Sport Tires are perfect for your high-speed driving and have the highest price-to-performance rating. They can provide passenger cars with a quiet and smooth ride at the greatest value so that they will let you drive with confidence.

The most important features:

  • A comfy and quiet ride;
  • The best quality and value;
  • High all-season performance.

Capitol Sport UHP Tires

As a driver who owns a performance crossover or a sports car that needs ultra-high performance tires, this brand is your best fit. Don’t forget about the directional tread pattern, as this is what makes it a perfect wet-weather tire that guarantees your quiet riding on highways. Capitol Sport UHP Tires for sale provide drivers with an excellent performance and a great value when it comes to modern luxury sports cars. Their wide double center rib ensures better stability at high speeds and improved braking control. This all-season passenger tire offers perfect handling for any customer seeking the highest performance without paying a premium price. Capitol Sport UHP Tires come with the necessary warranties from the company that manufactures them.

Their best characteristics:

  • A comfy and quiet ride;
  • Premium value and quality;
  • Ultra-high performance and road handling;
  • All-season traction.
Capitol Precision Trac Tires

Capitol Precision Trac Tires

If you own a light truck or a SUV, this brand is your best choice. This stylish and reliable tire is very quiet on roads and will provide you with great mileage because it was engineered to compete with popular brands at the price that has no comparison. Besides, it’s an exceptional all-season option because of its great wet-weather performance. All Capitol Precision Trac Tires come with manufacturer’s warranties.

Capitol Precision Trac II Tires

These Capitol Tires are all-season, economical, and designed to meet the needs of modern SUV and light truck drivers. They will let you drive with confidence and come with warranties from their manufacturer against wear and tear, road hazards, including punctures because of potholes and other damages. What are their significant features of Capitol Precision Trac II Tires?

  • Exceptional all-season performance;
  • Comfy, quiet, and smooth riding;
  • The best value in SUV/LT tires.

Capitol Precision Trac III Tires

For all SUV and truck drivers, this company offers all-season and stylish tires that have great mileage and are quiet on the road. Looking for a tire for sale with incredible wet-weather performance? Then Capitol Precision Trac III Tires is your perfect choice because they are designed to complete with top brands, are sold at quite a reasonable price, come with road hazard and other warranties, and have a high customer rating.

Their characteristics:

  • Premium quality and value;
  • All-season traction;
  • Comfortable and smooth driving experience;
  • Ultra-high performance;
  • Excellent road handling.
5. Capitol Precision Trac III Tires

Capitol All Terrain Tires

It’s the newest addition to the well-known tire line offered by this brand. It’s a highway, all-terrain (A/T) tire that comes with an outstanding ride comfort and tread life, and its performance rating is T, R, and Q. The good news is that Capitol All Terrain Tires are available in a variety of popular flotation and p-metric sizes perfect for SUVs and light trucks in addition to the E-load or 10ply range, heavy duty LT ones.

Their outstanding features:

  • Comfort and quiet riding;
  • Great value and premium quality;
  • All-season traction;
  • Exceptional road handling and performance.

Capitol Commercial HT Tires

If you’re interested in the modern diesel truck market segment and its capital, you should take a look at Capitol Commercial HT Tires. That’s because they are fast becoming the number one choice for dual and work trucks due to their reinforced sidewalls, high rating, positive customer reviews, and deep tread patterns. This tire is designed for different utility and commercial vehicles. Are you looking for a dependable and durable commercial light truck tire with a great value? Then you need to shop for Capitol Commercial HT Tires for sale with the following characteristics:

  • Incredible response to steering;
  • Heavy-duty load-carrying capabilities;
  • M+S rating;
  • The ability to resist hydro-planning via four circumferential grooves;
  • Computer-optimized pattern designs;
  • Quiet and smooth riding;
  • All warranties from the manufacturer.

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