How to Fix Dry Rotted Tires

In this article, we would like to teach how to fix dry rotted tires in case they split from the rim, have cracks on the surface or even have some big holes.

Although all tires nowadays are protected from ultraviolet thanks to the fact that manufacturers add carbon black to the rubber, the problem of a dry rot is still typical, especially for lawn equipment.

When does a dry rot appear?

dry rotted tires

dry rotted tires

In spite of the name of that kind of damage, a dry rot has nothing to do with mound or fungus. It affects a tire in the following cases:

  1. Age of tires, no matter you use them on everyday basis or keep in your garage, or even they were kept at warehouse of the manufacturer.
  2. Disuse of tires. The surface becomes brittle and cracks in this case.
  3. UV rays. As natural and synthetic rubber, containing in all types of tires, are affected by this type of possible damage, it is better to keep your equipment in garage. Not remain it at the lawn if you want to save your tires for a long time.
  4. Bad weather conditions. During acid rains chemicals, which are contained in water at the road or on the ground, destroy the protection of a tire. They are usually covered with water based tire protectant, and when it is washed away, a dry rot appears.

Try to avoid these damaging factors for tire dry rot prevention.

How to fix a tire when it has been damaged?

how to fix dry rotted tires

how to fix dry rotted tires

If a tire has been finally destroyed, there is a solution and we share it with you. We will tell you how to hide dry rot on tires to save your money on new expensive tires:

  • Examine a tire. If it has big holes or a tread separates in some part of a tire, you will see it with the naked eye. But when just the air is leaking, you need to check it more carefully.
  • Use auto degreaser to clean the surface of a tire.
  • Take water-based tire oil and clog up the holes in a tire. The leak is fixed now.

This tire repairing means can have a quite high cost, but they surely worth it. One standard can will be enough to fix three dry rotted tires instead of buying the new ones.

However, there are still cases, when to replace dry rotted tires is the only possible solution. If there are not a slight cracking but really huge holes in tires, no water-based oil will help you. The integrity was severely violated and you need to replace the tire to continue the use of your equipment.

Now you know how to fix dry rotted tires and can use this helpful approach both with your lawn equipment and passenger car tires.

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