How to Reset Tire Pressure Sensor on Honda

Wheel is an important and useful invention, which made people’s lives more comfortable. We know that one of the main parts of a car is a tire. Tires give stability on the road and necessary grip. But if the tire air pressure drops, it can lead to unpleasant consequences. Tire Pressure Monitoring System gives an opportunity to control tire pressure and reset it, using sensor. At all, tpms is complex device. It consists of the battery, antenna, pressure and temperature sensors, and also electronic components of control and measurement. But despite this fact, it is easy to use the sensor.

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Moreover, you can install TPMS yourself by the specific tool. But after replacement you must organize the relearn procedure for it. Any model of a vehicle has its own system of resetting tire pressure sensor. Today we will tell you how to reset tire pressure sensor in Honda vehicles.

Models with steering wheel buttons:

  1. Press MENU.
  2. Select Customize Settings.
  3. Select TPMS Calibration.
  4. Select Initialize.
  5. Select Yes.
  6. Press MENU to exit.

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In order to turn your warning light off you should do the first step as:

[kleo_list][kleo_list_item]Stop your vehicle. Check if the shift lever is “N” or “P” (depends on transmission).[/kleo_list_item]

[kleo_list][kleo_list_item]Turn the engine switch off.[/kleo_list_item]

[kleo_list][kleo_list_item]It is better to regulate the tire inflation pressure on the tire placard, which is on the door panel.[/kleo_list_item]

[kleo_list][kleo_list_item]Turn the ignition key to the “ON” position.[/kleo_list_item]

[kleo_list][kleo_list_item]Press the “MENU” button.[/kleo_list_item]

[kleo_list][kleo_list_item]Select “CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS“.[/kleo_list_item]

[kleo_list][kleo_list_item]Select “TPMS CALIBRATION“.[/kleo_list_item]

[kleo_list][kleo_list_item]Select “YES“.[/kleo_list_item]

[kleo_list_item]Wait for the calibration process finishing.[/kleo_list_item][/kleo_list][/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]

If your vehicle has information display, so you need just to follow first four points and then locate and press the “TPMS button“. Then just wait the TPMS or low tire pressure light blinks twice.

Honda Accord 2008 Honda Accord 2009 Honda Accord 2010
Honda Accord 2012 Honda Accord 2013 Honda Accord 2014


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  • Completely stop your vehicle.
  • Check the tire pressure.
  • Choose the specific pressure level.
  • The specified tire pressure is located on the door panel.

If your vehicle has information display, so your next steps will be:

  • Press and hold the “TMPS” button.
  • Waint until the “TPMS” indicator blinks.
  • Watching the calibration process.

If your vehicle has MID, you should:

  • Enter the “MENU“.
  • Press “CALIBRATE“.

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Honda CRV 2007 Honda CRV 2008
Honda CRV 2010 Honda CRV 2012
Honda CRV 2013 Honda CRV 2014
Honda CRV 2015 Honda CRV 2016

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  • Find a safe place and stop your vehicle.
  • Press the “MENU” button in the Vehicle Menu.
  • Press “INITIALIZE“.
  • Press “YES“.

As you see it is not difficult to operate your TPMS. So all you need is to read this article attentively and go for testing your tire pressure sensors.

Honda Civic 2008 Honda Civic 2009
Honda Civic 2013 Honda Civic 2015



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