How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

Maintaining a car goes beyond the frequent visits to the gas station for a fuel fill-up or tire changing. While there are various car maintenance options, waxing comes as one of the most important but unfortunately the least embraced. It gives your car a new shine and adds up an extra layer of protection from the harsh weather conditions.

Whether you should wax your car once or twice a year, largely depends on how frequently you use it. You would also want to maintain its value at least if you’re contemplating reselling it in future.

So How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

As earlier on mentioned, the number of times you wax your car heavily depends on a number of factors. However, whichever the case, experts recommend that the minimum car waxing frequency should be at least twice a year while the maximum can run up to four times. If by any chance you settle for the twice annually option, then you should also select the most appropriate seasons for the same. For instance, you can settle for spring and fall to get you ready for the fun-filled summer and freezing winter.

Keep in mind that snow and too much sunlight (UV lights) are the main causes of car paint deterioration. So you definitely don’t want to be caught up in the mess and end up spending a large amount of money on unending repairs.

If you want to wax three to four times a year, ensure you do it at the correct time and when absolutely necessary. It isn’t logical to spend so much on wax when your car can do without it. To be sure, take a little water and sprinkle it on your car and watch the reaction. If the water evenly spreads out, then it’s time for waxing. But if it develops into beautiful rain-like droplets, then it doesn’t need waxing.

What Do I Need to Wax a Car?

  • a bucket;
  • water;
  • wash mitt;
  • non-abrasive quality auto wax;
  • a microfiber towel;
  • microfiber applicator pad.

How Should I Wax MY Car?

There are various basic procedures of achieving your preferred car waxing effect. But then it requires a lot of patience as the process isn’t as fast as it sounds. You first have to research on the many popular options of car waxes, master their pros and cons and finally get acquainted with the preparations. If it’s your first time to try out car waxing, here is a simple guide on how to go about it. Read on.

car waxes

Below is a quick step-by-step instruction.

  1. Wash your car;
  2. Polish its surface;
  3. Apply wax in circular motions;
  4. Allow few minutes for the wax to stay;
  5. Wipe off the wax with microfiber towel.

Get Your Car Washed

This is pretty simple, right? Since you do it on a regular basis, washing your car ready for waxing shouldn’t be difficult. You, however, have to ensure you use the appropriate tools such as mild liquid soap, soft brush, and clean fresh water. You have to protect the delicate service of your car from any chemical-related harm or scratches.

Afterward, have a soft face towel on the standby for wiping off the water. You can then let your car to completely air dry before moving to the next stage. Remember both dirt and water doesn’t go well with any type of wax, so ensure your car is completely dry.

Car Care KitsUse A Car Polish

If you’re waxing your car, chances are that it already has some scratches. It’s therefore advisable to use the best car polish to achieve an even surface. Wear protective attire before you embark on the polish application. The cloth you use should be damp and made of a microfiber fabric. Ensure to be gentle to avoid further damage. The removal process is pretty the same, only that you need to use a clean piece of cloth. It won’t take you much time if you do it correctly.

Ensure The Temperature Is Favorable

Yes, you heard it right, not all temperatures are favorable for car waxing. So you can’t just wake up and randomly decide to apply wax without measuring the area temperature. If the temperature of your area reads anything between 55 to 85 degrees, then you can go ahead and wax your car. But if it’s anything lower or higher than avoid at all costs or search for a favorable spot. High temperatures quicken the wax drying time, which means you’ll find buffing difficult. On the other hand, low temperatures can affect the final outcome or even make it difficult for you to properly apply the wax.

Additionally, if you prefer waxing outdoors, then evenings and mornings make the best time of the day. For indoors, use your garage or build-up a shade for the same purpose. Whatever works for you is fine so long you achieve desirable results.

Apply The Wax

Well, you must have already selected the right wax for your car. The ideal choice should be long-lasting and less aggressive. Since most car waxes come with a foam applicator, you can use it to apply your wax. But if you weren’t lucky enough with your choice, then you might have to use a sponge. The important thing is that the end results will be the same.

The proper format of wax application is in circular motions. Hence, ensure to do it right and gently for that matter. Avoid covering large portions at a time as this might lead to shoddy work. Instead, on smaller portions and do a good job. The effort will be worth it in the end. Also, check out the application instructions on the wax label as they might slightly differ.

Car waxes with a foam applicatorRemove The Wax

After you finish your application, allow a few minutes before wiping off the wax. The user manual guide from the manufacturer should have the desired duration. After the time elapses, use your finger to see if the wax smears or stays clear. Once you achieve a clear outcome, take your microfiber cloth and wipe off the wax. You should use the same circular application procedure. Ensure there is no trace of residues left before giving a satisfactory sigh.

Waxing gives you the satisfaction to see your car gaining the irresistible sparkling outlook. Therefore, it’s necessary to develop this car care habit. It saves you on repainting work and gives you the confidence to showcase your driving prowess. A little precaution doesn’t hurt, right?

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