How to Make Your Car Faster

You want your car to be faster, don’t you? In this case – welcome to Geanatelli’s world of aftermarket performance car parts! Founded in 1989 by J.R. Granatelli, Granatelli Motor Sports or GMS designs, produces and distributes aftermarket performance car parts such as mass airflow sensors, flash tools, computer tuners, diesel modules and suspension systems of outstanding quality. All these parts will affect your vehicle’s performance. How? Let’s see the examples.

If we are talking about altering your vehicle’s suspension it means that your car will sit lower. The main feature of this alteration is that your vehicle will sit lower to the ground, which means better aerodynamics. In this case less air is going underneath your vehicle which creates a better outcome for wind drag on a car. It means not only better aerodynamics but also sportier look of the vehicle. Also traction and handling is improved if your vehicle sits low to the ground. This can increase the grip of the tires on the highway and as a result – improved handling. Also it means reduced rollover risk due to lowering the center of gravity. And of course lowering your vehicle makes a driver feel more comfortable due to additional stiffness.

When it comes to customizing your vehicle and lowering the suspension, it is important to consider that you might want to pay extra money for extra quality shock absorbers and other suspension parts, because extra quality is extra safety which is very important on the road. We know that  Granatelli Motor Sports, being the premier name in the market is a good choice.

How to increase the MPG of your vehicle

Decided to increase the MPG of your vehicle? In this case a mass air flow sensor from GMS is a good option. How exactly it works? Well, as you might know the laws of physics concerning the vehicle’s engine performance are constant – the more air goes into the engine the more fuel goes into it, the more air and fuel mixture is inside the more exhaust draws out, which means increased power. Years ago you might have wanted to install larger carburetor and a new set of headers.

how to make your car faster-mass air flow sensor

How to make your car faster

Luckily now we have electronic fuel injection so we can now simply replace the restrictive OEM mass-airflow sensor with a high-airflow aftermarket one. Therefore purchasing one from GMS you have a lot of benefits – first of all, great quality and manufacturer’s warranty on the part which is extremely important when altering your vehicle, second – you will add 20 or more horsepower and much quicker throttle response, and best of all, you will need only couple of tools and about 30 minutes of your time to install!

In addition to smoother and more aerodynamic entry and exit of air, it is important to note that a GMS mass-airflow sensor is made of a polymer that rejects heat of an engine much better than the factory metal one, which allows the engine to control the incoming air temperature more accurately. Moreover the electronic portion provides more precise information to ECU which is better for fuel and spark control. Isn’t that amazing?

How to improve your vehicle’s performance

Still looking for ways to improve your vehicle’s performance? Then why not to try Flash Powertrain Control Module (PCM)? PCMs correct drivability and emissions related issues in the vehicle, and the right software and tools from GMS can help you to reprogram your vehicle. Almost all GM newer vehicles (starting from 1996 and up) can be flash reprogrammed. And there is a variety of reasons to do so. The vehicle might set false trouble codes or due to the OEM requirements not to take into consideration some factors that might affect the way of some certain sensors’ operation. Also it is a good way out if you want to change your vehicle’s engine idle speed, spark timing, the mixture of air and fuel that goes into engine etc.

How to improve vehicle’s performance

How to improve your vehicle’s performance

So as you see Flash performance reprogramming can fix everything except mechanical problems which need to be fixed prior to reprogramming in order to avoid any possible issues. Reprogramming can increase horsepower since it can change and control spark timing, fuel mixture and increase pressure on turbocharged and supercharged engines. Also it might change the shift points of the transmission. So if you are ready to fundamentally change your vehicle in order for it to perform better – Flash PCM is the thing you need!

How to add some power to its engine

Though if you do not want fundamental changes on your completely stock vehicle but still you would like to add some power to its engine, there is a way out – the Tuning Multiplier is the thing you need. However combining this device with aftermarket parts the horsepower and torque will increase more – it means that the combination of tuning and aftermarket performance parts is more effective than using of the aftermarket performance parts or the tuning multiplier separately.

How to add some power to its engine

How to add some power to its engine

Why is it so? If you install some high performance aftermarket parts on your vehicle the car will “feel” faster but the car’s computer will not allow it to do it’s best, and in order to get maximum out of each and every part of your car you may want to add an engine computer or a performance chip and it will make your vehicle’s performance unique – it will be custom made specifically for your vehicle. If you would like to add horsepower to a regular naturally aspirated engine, you might want to tune it or add a turbocharge, and in order to make sure it is safe enough specialists recommend to use an engine tuning setup. GMS have a variety of devices to make your car perform better.

Diesel Performance modules

Looking for an upgrade for a diesel engine? GMS have a variety of Diesel Performance modules to suggest! By the way this is the most commonly used device for a diesel engine. What are te benefits of it? This little device can add up to 30-35% torque increase plus up to 150 additional horsepower to your vehicle’s engine performance. Another good thing about it is that it increases fuel mileage by about 10%, but the main benefit of the Diesel Performance Module is that having it installed on your diesel engine you don’t need to reprogram the vehicle’s main computer chip which will help you both to save money and make your truck perform much better.

So if you want to upgrade you car only with the best aftermarket car parts and devices, Granatelli Motor Sports parts are the ones you need – we have been countless hours to work out, design and introduce the best car performance parts that are associated with speed, as well as the name of the company itself. All the parts are tested by the specialists to insure safe and advanced automotive upgrades for your vehicle.

Granatelli Motor Sports was the first company to produce 50 state legal aftermarket centrifugal supercharger system and then we were the first to achieve 50 state legal status on Novi-2000 supercharger which produces an excess of 1000 horsepower. We offer everything that your Muscle car might need – mass airflow sensors, complete suspension system as well as the parts for it, also only here you may purchase the world’s most powerful single and twin turbocharging systems for the American Muscle cars. We know what speed and outstanding performance means.

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