Advantages of Buying Used Auto Parts in Junk Yards

Auto Junk Yards are treasure houses of affordable, usable auto parts just waiting for those with the patience and determination to find them. If you opt for a PIY (pull it yourself) salvage facility, be prepare to invest some time and effort in your search. If you have the time and determination to find what you are looking for, you can discover just about any used auto part for any make and model vehicle in an Auto Junk Yard.

Auto Junk Yards – By State

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Types of Auto Junk Yards

In the world of auto salvage, you will find yards under two categories: the PIY (pull it yourself) yard and the full service yard. As the name implies, a PIY yard requires you to visit the junk yard premise, hunt through the inventory of vehicles on the premises for the part you need and then extract the part from the vehicle yourself. This requires you having knowledge about auto parts and repair in order to choose the correct part that you need.

Auto Junk Yards

Auto Junk Yards

You will also need sufficient knowledge of your product to be able to inspect it for damage and usage. You should also come prepared with the proper tools to extract the part from the vehicle. Depending on the part you want, you should have experience and expertise of how to accomplish this task. If you are lacking in any of these areas, you should bring someone with you who does possess these attributes to help you get the job done. In the event you cannot find a suitable companion to help in this area, you should seriously consider doing business with a full service junk yard. Full service junk yard employees can help you find the appropriate parts.

The advantages of a full service auto junk yard are many. Here you will get assistance in searching for the part you need and an expert mechanic will extract it from the vehicle for you. In many cases, if you know the exact part you require, you can simply call the yard ahead of time, tell them what you need and come by at the time they say to pick it up. Naturally, you will be charged for the extra work; however, it does save a lot of time and effort on your part. Some full service yards offer a warranty on the parts they sell, while others do not.

If the part you are purchasing is fairly expensive, you can inquire about a warranty. At the very least, you should receive permission to exchange the part in case it turns out to unsuitable for your purpose.

Advantages of Buying Used Auto Parts in Junk Yards

The auto salvage industry is a huge and prosperous enterprise. It has grown to enormous proportions over the years due to the extensive increase in car manufacturing. As vehicles grow outdated or are involved in accidents that render them useless, auto salvage yards collect these vehicles for the valuable parts within that are still usable and in good shape. In fact, it is estimated that over half the parts of a junked vehicle are of reusable caliber. You can find valuable auto body parts from both the interior and exterior of a used vehicle to include doors, bumpers, seats, wheels, engines, transmissions, etc.

Used Auto Parts

Used Auto Parts

With the rising costs of vehicle maintenance, you can save a lot of money by purchasing used auto parts as opposed to buying them new. Auto salvage yards are located in most major cities in every state across the country, making used car parts readily available upon demand. Most salvage yards carry an extensive range of different vehicle makes and models to provide customers with the products they need. Like any other business, you will have to check out the different options where you live and see which would best serve your needs.

Though on the surface auto junk yards do not appear appealing, they provide a very important service to car owners around the country. Society dictates the use of vehicles for just about every facet of your life. At the same time, the high cost of purchasing and maintaining a vehicle long term can be overwhelming, especially if you have two or three. By having the option of replacing worn parts with used ones from your local junk yard, you can help keep maintenance costs down to a reasonable level.

Some people prefer to buy only parts they consider ‘inconsequential’ from salvage yards and those parts deemed more valuable or important’, they purchase new. Individuals who remodel used vehicles as a hobby usually find salvage yards a great place for acquiring the parts they need. Professional mechanics who rebuild used vehicles for resale also appreciate the wealth of used auto parts junk yards have to offer.

What To Expect From a Junk Yard

Like any other company you do business with, you should expect your auto salvage company to be upfront and honest about their business dealings with you. Just because the name implies “junk” does not mean their ethical and moral standards should follow suit. When opting for a full service yard, you should expect the parts they sell to be usable and undamaged. Before buying, make sure to inspect your part thoroughly and inquire if you can return the part if you find it inoperable or unsuitable for your vehicle. Most junk yards will not supply a refund for used parts sold, but they should provide an exchange.

As the junk yard business can be quite competitive, you should be able to negotiate the price of the parts you wish to buy. When the owner quotes a price, offer him less. If you are buying several parts or you are a regular customer, you should be able to get a discount on your purchase. Often you can use the internet to help you shop for specific used parts to save time and money. You can do an internet search by vehicle make and model to see what salvage yards carry these vehicles. You can also do a search for the specific part by name.

If you are trying to restore an older model vehicle, junk yards could be the perfect place to find the parts you need without paying exorbitant prices to buy them new. Many junk yards carry older model salvage vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers, making it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for. In most cases, you will need to visit the yard and check out the condition of the merchandise to ensure it will meet your purpose. Nevertheless, that can be part of the ‘restoration’ experience, as you will come face to face with so many possibilities and options to choose from. By opting to go yourself, you can see firsthand what vehicle the part is coming from to verify its authenticity. Though price is important and you want to try to get the best bargain, you also do not want to sacrifice quality for price. This is important if the parts you need are rare and valuable to you.

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