Best Countries for Road Trips

Sometimes driving is a wonderful experience. You just press the accelerator a bit, kick on the radio, and let the scenery roll by. With so many roads to choose from, the biggest and probably hardest question is where should you start?

Sometimes there are too many opportunities in life. However, there are some countries where a road trip takes things to a level most people don’t even dare to dream about. These are only the best countries for road trip.

Best Countries for Road Trip

  • Japan

Japan is a great place to be, partially because of how open insurance laws and inspection schedules are. Every driver is required to have basic insurance coverage, so you don’t have to worry too much about having someone slam into you.

Best Countries for Road TripIroha-zaka is a very interesting road to travel up and down. It’s technically two roads, with one going up and the other heading downward. Each road has 48 curves, which match the ancient Japanese alphabet of 48 characters. There’s just nothing like taking an incredibly tight turn and looking out for the Japanese alphabet at the same time.

  • Norway

Norway is a beautiful place where you have plenty of room to roll. One of the best places is the Atlantic Road, where the highway seems to rise and falls like the waves of the ocean during a stormy night.

Norway is home to several fjords (pronounced “fee-yord”), or valleys carved out by glaciers that have now melted away. One Norwegian fjord is lined by the TrollingstenRoad. This road snakes its way around some mountains and takes in some incredible views. Have you ever taken a road that let you see mountains and 3,000 foot waterfalls at the same time?

  • Bolivia

Bolivia is a potentially dangerous place, but that threat of danger makes a lot of people’s pulses race in the best kind of way. When you want a thrill in Bolivia, you can take the North Yungas, nicknamed Death Road. Now, most people hear the words “death road” and think twice. But those who don’t exercise this level of caution are richly rewarded.

A more modern and safer road now exists for travel between La Paz and Coroico, but this route through the Andes is still enjoyable. You have drop offs of more than a quarter mile, very few guard rails, and only one lane to navigate. If you’re really lucky, you might run into fog so thick you can barely see your hand in front of your face. This is an adrenaline junkie’s dream come true.

  • China

If you’re going to drive through China, be aware that in Beijing you don’t have to stop for pedestrians. You can actually be fined if you stop for someone standing or walking in the street. Because these laws are probably doing a good job keeping stray pedestrians off the roads, you might not have to worry too much about people cutting you off and causing you to slam on your brakes.

Best Countries for Road TripsAside from the different driving laws in China, some roads pose interesting challenges. Guoliang Tunnel carries a harsh reputation for not tolerating any mistakes, because it’s literally carved through a little over half a mile of mountain. The views from inside are incredible, but missing a turn will be the death of you. Who needs energy drinks with a rush like that?

  • United States

Listing the best countries to take a road trip would be wrong on a lot of levels without the good old USA. Not only does this country boast one of the largest highway systems in the world, it is also home to a driving culture, built on fast food places, roadside shops, and middle of nowhere diners.

Driving it Home

Taking a road trip is fun in most places, but some countries just do it better than the average. When you want to take a great road trip, consider some of the gorgeous stretches of road out there and how much you love risk. With a little bravery and some free time, you can take home some great stories and incredible pictures.

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