How to Remove Ice & Bugs from Windshield

Some days it feels like windshields serve as a giant magnet for all things annoying and difficult to remove. Windshield visibility is one of the most important aspects of your car when you’re driving, and if substances are coating the windshield, it might be difficult to see.

Sometimes even using soap, water, and elbow grease won’t do the trick, and short of smashing the windshield in, you’re not sure what to do. Here’s a list of common windshield coatings and how to get them off once and for all.


How to remove pollen from windshield: Soap, water, microfiber towel

Pollen has a two-pronged attack: it goes for your allergies and then engulfs your car. The day you walk outside and find that your blue sedan is a new shade of green is a sad day, and it means pollen season is just starting. While trying to wash it off might not even be worth it because pollen will continue to coat your car, looking at it can drive some people crazy.

Don’t act rashly, though. Some people use California Car Dusters or even leaf blowers to blast the pollen off, but this can scratch both the windshield and the paint. You can’t use a dry towel either because pollen is surprisingly more abrasive than you might have guessed.

The best route is to simply wash the windshield the old-fashioned way. Make sure to use a microfiber towel to wipe it (and not a regular towel) in order to decrease the chance of damage and to make sure water spots don’t form on the windshield.


How to remove bugs from windshield: Dryer sheets or Coke

When bugs get stuck to windshields, drivers are typically disgusted and unable to see. Plus, the car’s appearance definitely takes a turn for the worse, and it can be pretty embarrassing driving around with dead bugs spattered all over your windshield and bumper.

How to remove bugs from windshieldUnfortunately, it’s hard to avoid the bug onslaught, especially if you drive on the highway a lot. You’ve tried normal cleaning products, but it’s not working. So, how do you get these things off without scratching the windshield?

There are household items that can really help you in your cleaning endeavor. Pour Coke on the bugs, but make sure to keep the soda away from any paint — it’ll burn through. Pouring the coke on them will make it much easier to remove. Wipe them off with a microfiber towel or mesh onion bag to minimize windshield damage. If all else fails, head to your laundry room and grab used or unused dryer sheets. Spray water on the windshield and wipe the bugs with the dryer sheets.


How to remove ice from windshield: Sheets, water, vinegar, spatula

Waking up to find your car covered in ice is like winter slapping you in the face. Don’t take it personally — just take a deep breath and solve the problem one step at a time. The key is to not rush; if you heat the glass too quickly, it can shatter!

How to remove ice from windshieldLuckily, this is a problem that can be prevented for the most part. You can use a sheet, rubber mat, or some other type of cover, and then drape it over your windshield overnight. This will really help protect your car windows from the elements and save you time in the morning before you go to work.

If you’re stuck with the ice, though, here’s what you should do: get into your car, turn the heat on high, and turn the defroster on low. Don’t put them both on full blast — remember how it can shatter? Next, make a home concoction of water with either vinegar or alcohol to pour on the ice to help it melt. If you don’t have an ice scraper to scrape it off, use a plastic spatula, and if you don’t have that, break out the credit card!


For other common problems on windshields like grease and grime, there are all kinds of possible cleaners you can buy in the store. However, they don’t always work, which is why more creative methods might do the trick. If you want to try cleaning products first, many people recommend is Stoner Invisible Glass, or something as simple as WD-40. Others suggest liquid dish soap or stove glass cleaner, but be careful if these items contain ammonia, because ammonia can’t be used on tinted windows. Don’t be afraid to try multiple methods — persevere, and you’ll find something that works!

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