4 Ways to Increase the Resale Value of Your Car

Depreciation is an unfortunate side effect of owning a car, and when it comes time to sell yours after a few years of use you might be unsatisfied with a dealers offer.

However, there are simple steps that can be taken to increase the resale value of your car, so check out these four to get you started.

Refurnish the Interior

Starting with the least obvious option, as it is the easiest to overlook, but the resale value of your vehicle will not only depend on the quality of the exterior but the interior as well.

You have to remember, for the buyer, this may be their first-ever car, and it is unlikely that they’ll be on the lookout for a vehicle that looks like it’s trundled out of the 90s.

Refurnish the Interior

So, fitting a new stereo is one of the easiest, and cheapest, ways to modernize your car, and you could even spring for an android auto receiver to really bring the old reliable into the 21st century.

New seat covers and floor mats is another way to dramatically spruce up your car’s interior without breaking the bank, and the more inviting your car’s interior is, the higher the resale value is going to be.

Get it Cleaned

First impressions matter and potential buyers will form theirs based on the cleanliness of your car. Not only does dirt reek of second-hand (buyers want to feel as though they are getting a new car) but it also gives off the impression that your car has not been properly cared for.

Therefore, it is important to clean your car properly! Both inside and out. This means using proper materials and products designed specifically for car care. Do not go using your household window cleaner to wipe down your windscreen, and don’t skimp on the wax and polish!

If you can afford to, it may be worthwhile to get your car cleaned by a professional, a professionally cleaned car could sell for as much as $1,000 more than one that hasn’t been.

Keep a Maintenance Record

When you sell a secondhand car, buyers will want to know whether it has been properly looked after in its lifetime. Having a record of repairs or maintenance, or a proper service book, will show serious buyers that your car is in good shape.

In this regard ensure that you keep the receipts every time your care has its oil checked, or gets a new battery or tire fitted.

Admittedly, this tip is more of a preemptive one, it will be difficult to conjure up a record of your car’s maintenance if you have not kept one all along. However, if you do have the paperwork then make sure it is organized before selling. Buyers are likely to pay more for the assurance.

Get it all Together

When you buy a car, a lot of them will come with extras like a tool kit, spare wheel, and a parcel shelf. So, before you go to sell yours ensure that you still have these extras to hand.

tool kitDid you remove the parcel shelf to fit more in the boot and never put it back? Or perhaps swapped out a wheel on the car and never replaced the spare? Well, you had better have a thorough look for them.

Without the essentials that came with the car, a dealer will start lowering their price. If everything is still there and in good order, then that is one less reason for a potential buyer to back out.

Must-Haves for Every Car

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