The most Famous Car Clips From YouTube

Sift through thousands of YouTube videos of people falling, crazy teens skateboarding, cute animals, and wannabe singers, and you’ll find some absolutely stunning and awe-inspiring car videos. In these videos, cars aren’t just a ton of metal on four wheels that transport people from point A to point B; they are the stars of the show.

It’s surprising just how popular car videos have become over the years. While watching car clip videos might still be a secret addiction for some, it’s amazing just how famous certain YouTube videos can get just for having cars in them.Are you wondering just how popular or well-known car videos can be? Let’s look at six of the most popular car clips currently found on YouTube. You just might be surprised at how many you recognize.

Dream Car Totaled in Minutes

Car enthusiasts all over the world dream of being able to own a flashy, sporty Ferrari and for some just the chance to drive it around the block would be a dream come true. So imagine the shock and horror those luxury car lovers felt when they watched actor Eddie Griffin total a limited edition Ferrari Enzo during a promotional event.

Even if you aren’t into luxury cars, you don’t get too many opportunities to see what happens when a car going over 150 miles per hour hits a wall.

Watch Out That Tire has a Mind of its Own!

A loose tire on a racetrack is every high-speed racer’s worst nightmare. The cars are going so fast that there’s barely time to think or move around this flailing circular object. Drivers in this race lucked out because they encountered a tire that seems to have a mind of its own.

Not only does it safely avoid dozens of cars moving at 160+ mph, but it also safely puts itself back with the rest of the tires at the racetrack.

One if by Land, Two if by Sea: The Underwater Car

Ever drive around and think you could get to a place faster if you could just drive through a river or lake? With the underwater car, you’ll be swimming with the fishes and marine life, and cutting your driving time in half. Just grab the nearest snorkeling gear, press a button and your car turns into a submarine that lets you drive underwater.

Got Enough Legroom: World’s Smallest Working Car

Cars seem to be getting smaller and smaller every year, but it’ll be pretty tough to create a vehicle that is smaller than this tiny Peel P50 from England. At first glance, you might assume this was for a movie or straight out of a cartoon, but it was a real car manufactured in the 1960s.

After a number of years of cramped legs, backaches and unsafe driving conditions, these tiny cars were pulled from production, but you can still find them in car collections or right here on YouTube, where the past is never lost for too long.

Cars vs. Mother Nature: Winner – Mother Nature

Not much can withstand the power of Mother Nature, not even a parking lot filled with cars. This clip from the massive flooding in Australia left viewers wide-eyed and in awe of just how destructive a raging river can be. The muddy waters slowly consume cars that were parked yards away from the riverbank.

As the water rushes into the parking lot, the cars were eventually dragged into the water and swept away as if they weighted nothing at all. It really gives a whole new meaning and understanding to the phrase “becoming one with nature.”

The Craziness That is Chinese Traffic

Spend a few minutes watching an intersection in a busy section of China, and you’ll be yearning for rush hour traffic in New York City or Los Angeles. Driving in China is a lot different than driving in the United States and Internet users are awed by what they see.

In this short clip, you’ll witness hundreds of pedestrians trying to cross the street, cars turning whenever they want, and some drivers pulling off fancy maneuvering as they try to avoid hitting other cars. Who knew watching a traffic cam like this could be so heart pounding?

CONCLUSION: Whether you are an average driver or a car lover, internet car clips are here to stay. There’s just something about the universal nature of the passenger vehicle that keeps people tuning in time and time again to Internet videos like those that are listed.

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