Rolls-Royce: British Style, Adopted by Arab Sheikhs

Rolls-Royce, an icon of style, luxury and performance, has become as popular as never in Dubai. The increased popularity of this particular automobile brand is caused by numerous factors. Some of them are positive image of the brand worldwide, as well as in the UAE. This British vehicle is a perfect choice for those, who would rather rent Rolls-Royce in Dubai, rather than buy it. Luxury vehicle market is constantly increasing, as well as popularity of luxury car hire in Dubai.

The latest research show, that Dubai is considered one of the leading cities of the world in terms of luxury car rental. Every year, popularity of exclusive car rental grows, and more than a third of customers, who hired a luxury vehicle in Dubai at least once, chose it from the Rolls-Royce model range. The most popular model for rental is the Wraith. Taking into consideration the rapid growth in demand for rental of these vehicles and current tendencies, the number of rented Rolls-Royces is going to double over the next decade.

Rolls-Royce unveiled something special on the Dubai Motor Show

Rolls-Royce appeared on the Dubai Motor Show with specialties, as this British carmaker always prepares something special for their exhibitions in this city. And no wonder, as every third vehicle hired in Dubai nowadays is a Rolls-Royce. The Golf edition of their flagship Ghost caught everyone’s attention, as it incorporates sporty look and that original spirit of a British luxury vehicle. This model was joined in the Rolls-Royce showroom with a new edition of the Phantom Coupe, released under the attractive Tiger nameplate.

The latest models, including the new convertible version of the Dawn, are rumored to appear in the car rental salons shortly. The car hire in Dubai nowadays features high interest of the customers towards the vehicles by this specific brand. The most commonly rented vehicle in Dubai is the Wraith, so most likely the newly released edition of this model, known as the Inspired by Music, is going to lead the chart of the most wanted Rolls-Royces to hire in Dubai.

Rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai in one of numerous facilities

Dubai is a city of wide and easy to follow roads, which are developed to drive. No wonder there are so many rent-a-car services in this city. Furthermore, car hire in Dubai is something crucial, as even residents of this city sometimes prefer to rent a vehicle, rather than purchase one. Over 30% of the customers, who have ever hired a vehicle in Dubai, admit that they at least once used Rolls-Royce. This makes the vehicles by this British carmaker the most wanted luxury automobile on the Dubai rent-a-car market.

Rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai

Rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai

There are multiple salons, which offer Rolls-Royce hire in Dubai, and the customers are welcome to choose the Rolls-Royce model they are willing to hire. The Rolls-Royce Wraith is the most popular among them, moreover, every third rented Rolls-Royce has got the Wraith nameplate on its trunklid! The number and assortment of the available Rolls Royces highly depends on the level of the rent a car company. However, taking into consideration the number of the salons in Dubai, one can say for sure that they will rent the Rolls Royce they are searching for.

A new Dawn is on its way to our salon in Dubai

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is a synonym of performance, luxury touch and exclusive design. This British automobile is unlike any other, and we are proud to say, that very soon in our salon you will be able to rent this exclusive exquisite vehicle. Regardless of impressively high number of the car hires in Dubai, very few can boast to have this vehicle in their collection. That is why, very soon our customers will enjoy driving this luxurious British vehicle on the wide and smooth roads of Dubai, capital or glaze and pageantry.

Rolls-Royce Dawn Interior

Rolls-Royce Dawn Interior

It is impossible to omit mentioning the performance characteristics of the Dawn, as its 6.6 L engine features twin-turbocharger and V12 configuration, allowing the impressive power output of 563 horsepower! Something really worth being tried on the Dubai roads. If you are willing to be in the list of those, who truly understand the power of the power of British turbocharger and experience that legendary smooth drive, be the one to test-drive our brand-new Rolls-Royce Dawn in Dubai!

We’ve got a brand-new drophead, so you are welcome to try it out, as we’ve got the greatest number of Rolls-Royces in Dubai!

What can be better, than driving an exclusive drophead with a powerful engine and luxurious design, especially if you are in Dubai, the world’s capital of exclusive vehicles and unmatched architecture? We are proud to say, that we have purchased one more drophead for you to enjoy on Dubai roads. So, if you are willing to rent a car in Dubai and enjoy driving Rolls-Royce, the most wanted luxury vehicle of the UAE, we invite you to come across!

We offer the most numerous collection of Rolls-Royce vehicles in Dubai, and with us you will certainly find exactly what you are looking for. Our customers are welcome to rent a new drophead which recently appeared in our showroom and feel the drive of a brand-new drophead. Besides, you can always choose a Rolls Royce in hardtop or sedan configuration within our selection, as our car rent in Dubai offers the widest choice of Rolls Royces!

You are welcome to rent one of the five Rolls-Royce Wraiths with us!

The Rolls-Royce Wraith is the most popular model to rent in Dubai. That is why we are proud to offer five Wraiths for rent, as we are willing to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. The researches show, that as of 2017, every third rented Rolls-Royce in Dubai has the Wraith nameplate on its trunk lid. Moreover, the statistics shows the increased demand for rental of the luxury vehicles, and Rolls Royce is the leader in the list of the most wanted luxury vehicles to rent in Dubai.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

The Rolls-Royce Wraith

The Rolls-Royce Wraith is valued for its performance characteristics, as the vehicle comes powered with a 6.6 L V12 engine with twin turbocharger, which makes its power output close to 630 horsepower. For our car rent in Dubai, these models are assembled exclusively in Great Britain. The Rolls-Royce Wraith is available exclusively in two-door body style and features four-seat configuration, and the interior features real wood and leather upholstery. By renting this Rolls-Royce with us, you will enjoy power and luxury touch of a truly British vehicle on Dubai roads!

Rolls-Royce: British style, adopted by Arab sheikhs

The vehicles by Rolls Royce appeared on the automobile stage in the beginning of the twentieth century, and up to these days the models by this British carmaker remain an icon of luxury and performance automobiles all over the world. Dubai is not an exception, as Arab sheikhs could truly evaluate the reserved grace and persuasive performance of Rolls-Royce. So no wonder that every third car, rent in Dubai, is a Rolls-Royce.

This automobile is impossible to underestimate, as these vehicle are powered with the corporate V12 engine with the 6.6 L displacement, and the power output starts at about 500 horsepower and goes up. For those, who are willing to enjoy the true power of a precisely manufactured British engine on the Roads of Dubai, Rolls-Royce developed the turbocharged and twin-turbo vehicles. The Rolls-Royce Wraith, a luxury coupe with a twin-turbo engine, is the most popular luxury vehicle, rented in Dubai as of now. Furthermore, many UAE residents prefer using luxury car rent in Dubai, rather than purchasing one for themselves.

Make your wedding special by hiring a Rolls-Royce

What else can make a wedding or the other ceremony in Dubai more exquisite, than a luxury British vehicle, rented specifically for it? We know that some events are scrupulously planned, and every detail has to be perfect. Rolls-Royce rent in Dubai is a great solution for those, who are willing to make their event stylish, luxury and perfect in every detail. Multiple customers of our car rent in Dubai agree with this statement, as our vehicles are often rented for weddings.

Rolls-Royce for Weddings

Rolls-Royce for Weddings

We are proud to offer the chauffeur service, as we hire only the certified and skilled professionals. This way you can be sure, that your ceremony will be ideal, up to the last detail. Furthermore, we are proud to invite you to choose a Rolls-Royce for your ceremony in our salon, which features the greatest number of vehicles by this British carmaker in Dubai! With us, you will certainly find and rent the Rolls-Royce, that will ideally match the style of the ceremony and your individual expectations. You are welcome to join great number of customers, who already experienced our service and made their wedding in Dubai special with a luxurious Rolls-Royce.

A chauffeured Rolls-Royce: prestigious and convenient

The models by the Rolls-Royce are the leaders in the list of the most frequently used as a chauffeured vehicle. That is why numerous models by this British carmaker use the suicide door configuration. You are welcome to rent one of our Rolls-Royces with a professional driver, as this is convenient, comfortable, and prestigious. We are proud to say, that hire only the top-of-the-line experts, who know the city and will gladly help the customers schedule their route in a fair way. Besides, they know the city, and are always ready to assist you with any business, travel, entertainment or household activities by offering optimal solution.

Moreover, they are skilled in tactical and defensive driving, so you will hire not only a driver, but a person who will help you and protect in a dangerous situation. Our salon of car rent in Dubai is proud to offer the widest number of Rolls-Royce vehicles in the city, furthermore, you are welcome to hire a driver in order to fully enjoy the comfort and convenience of using this exquisite and luxurious British vehicle in the world’s capital of luxury and glaze!

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